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Island of Brehat

The island of Bréhat is situated in only 10 mn of the Point of Arcouest ( Paimpol).

A regular line summer and winter alike connects the island with the continent, it will bring you to one of three piers of the closed port, according to tides.


The Ile de Bréhat is consisted in fact of two islands connected by a bridge set up by Vauban.
The island situated in the South offers a luxuriant vegetation, while that of the North is wilder.


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    Its dimensions 3,5 km long on 1,5 km in the widest make a 300 hectare island surrounded with hundred of small islands or islands. its peak is 33 m in the chapel Holy Michel in the center of the island.


    Today the Ile de Bréhat welcomes a population of about 5000 persons the summer while his island population is 420 inhabitants.
    In 1800, they were 1500 inhabitants, in 1900 they were no more than 1000, the island continues to become depopulated nowadays.
    The island of Bréhat consists of a maze of narrow roads lined with high walls protecting flowery gardens where only the pedestrians, the bikes and the tractors are authorized to cross them.

    This island surrounded with rocks of pink granite possesses a surprising vegetation for a situation everything in the North of Brittany. In fact its climate is soft and an exotic vegetation developed. It is a botanical memory of the distant navigations.

    Among the visible plants on the island in flowers you will meet: the mimosa native of Australia, The aloe, the palm tree, The eucalyptus, The agave.
    Some plants are native of China such camellias and more usual hydrangeas in the region.