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The wild coast made by rocks and by pebbles where the sand extends only in small creeks is a real maze where the walker gets lost easily.
Strewed with paths, such a labyrinth, it succeeds extremely the North in " the Point of the Castle ".
The territory of Plougrescant also develops in the wide.
Several islands are a part of it, quite classified and protected: Loaven, Itron-Maria, Er, Evinec, but also the Green island and the islands Kerlabon.


The Point of the castle in Plougrescant
Impressive granite mass sinking into the sea, the Point of the Castle will doubtless be one of the most impressive memories which you will return of your passage in Plougrescant.
The hamlet of Pors-Hir where certain houses shelter against rocks forming almost a part of their walls.


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    In moors, shielded from valleys or behind trees hiding jealously the former stones, you can go to the discovery of the houses which were built there, there is indeed for a long time.
    You will find maybe the castle of Kergrech there the foundations of which date the 12th century, Keralio in Plouguiel or still the manor houses of Gouermel, Laouenan and Kergrescant, built from the beginning of the 16th century.


    The lands of the peninsula were walked, there is much more for a long time even, by some Celtic ancestors who left it the menhir of Roudour or still the tumulus of the Mansion.
    Later, it is Roman visitors whom welcomed Plougrescant: it remains of modest vestiges of a Roman way there which led to Tréguier.