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A port cod-fisherman celebrates since the Middle Ages.

Paimpol is famous to have been at the beginning of the XXth century one of the ports of the big fishing, off Iceland.
Pierre Loti will make a novel in 1886, Fisherman of Iceland.
Europe discovers, from the beginning of the XVth century, thanks to the Portuguese business, a fish: the cod and the increasing consumption of this product, pulls a considerable increase of flotillas to go fishing in high sea.
In France, Breton sailors of Paimpol and Saint Malo, Norman sailors of Barfleur and Dieppe, finally the others of La Rochelle and Basque country leave fishing for the cod off the Canadian coast and in the gulf of the Saint Lawrence.


Every these fearless crews meet off a big island which could be the one of Newfoundland, Named on the sea charts of this time " island of Bacalaos " (Islands of cods in Portuguese) together with the other brave Portuguese, Irish, English, Venetian and Dutch sailors(browsers).
The Hanseatic League controls the European market of the cod, and grows rich with this decorating with flowers business by holding firmly the ports of Central Europe (the North Sea, the Baltic Sea).


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    In France, from the beginning of the XVth if and; cle the French sea fishermen pay the tithe to king of France on " Pescheries of lands neufves ".
    It's the same for the fishermen Breton cod-fishermen who pay the tithe on the sale of the cod since the environment of the XVth century.
    This royalty is deposited in particular in the acts of transactions established between the monks of the abbey of Beauport to Paimpol and the inhabitants of the Ile de Brehat.


    A good address to Paimpol:

    The creperie /restaurant Guy uncle's , quay Morand on the port in quoted by the hotel K-Loys.

    Good cooking, decent price, with pleasant personal, 
    Service more than nice with uncle Guy.

    A beautiful place for past a friendly moment of restoration.